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Hello @Space_Station from Students at @KIPPLASchools KIPP Raices in Los Angeles CA USA 257.2 mi away @NASA_Johnson #issabove

This message was created by an ISS-Above.

The mission of the ISS-Above is to inspire wonder for human spaceflight. To remind everyone we have the amazing $150B+ space station
above us and how that is crewed by the only human beings who are in space.

It also streams live video from the ISS High Definition Earth Viewing Experiment which gives live views of the earth from space.
And.. as well as all that this little device lights up whenever The International Space Station is overhead.

How cool is that?!


How to backup your ISS-Above SD Card (Windows)

iss-above-on-SD-cardBacking up your SD card image is the SMARTEST thing you can ever do.  

This will allow you to quickly restore the setup to your SD Card if it ever gets corrupted.  This will only take 10 minutes and is HIGHLY recommended (otherwise tears and upset might be in your future).

You will need 8GB of space for the backup – although you can Zip (compress) the backup file for safekeeping and the file will be about 800Mb in size).

If you have a windows based computer follow these instructions.

Cloning the SD card is simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. Download and Install Win32DiskImager (If you’re on OS X or Linux, you’ll have to use the dd command as described here instead of these steps).
  2. In the “Image File” box, enter the path of your soon-to-be image file. For example, I put mine in C:\Users\Liam\images\issabove.img
  3. Under the “Device” box, select the drive letter for your SD card.
  4. Click the “Read” button to create the image file from your card.
  5. The program will begin reading the card.
  6. When it’s done creating the image file (it may take as long as 10 minutes), you can eject your SD card and put it back in your ISS-Above/Raspberry Pi. Keep that IMG file in a safe place.

Now, if anything ever goes wrong with the ISS-Above code image you can restore your fully-set-up image using the reverse instructions:P

  1. Insert the SD card back into your computer.
  2. Open Win32DiskImager again and browse for your image file you saved previously. Select your device from the Device dropdown just as you did before.
  3. This time, click “Write” to write the image to the SD card.
  4. When it finishes, eject the SD card and re-insert it into your ISS-Above. When you boot it up, it should be in the exact same state it was in when you first cloned the SD card.

Just think of this as the BIGGEST gift you can give your future self.

(note:  these instructions modified from this original article)


ISS-Above worldwide reach – is your country represented?

Table showing the worldwide locations for the ISS-Above devices from the KickstarterThe recent Kickstarter for ISS-Above has devices heading to 17 countries around the world.  Is your country represented?

If not… you can still purchase one via the ISS-Above Kickstarter Grace Period Purchase option.

The furthest North is the one going to Sweden (Stockholm) which is at 59 degrees north.  Now.. as the ISS orbits between 56 degrees north and south it will never be directly overhead for that device.   But still… it will nevertheless be above their horizon very frequently and visible sometimes as well.

I am still waiting to hear back from 16 backers with their shipping address details – so there may still be additional countries.