ISS-Above Kickstarter Grace Period Purchase Opportunity

Missed the Kickstarter?   No worries!  But you must not wait ANY longer.

I am opening orders for the ISS-Above NON-Kickstarter version.   The “Complete” version below does not include the 3-D Printed case.  it will instead come with a transparent case.  These devices are NOT in stock and we are still fulfilling prior orders from the Kickstarter.  Orders placed now will be fulfilled as soon as possible after those have completed (probably in early May). 

Just select your purchase option from those listed below and complete your purchase.  These purchase options are exactly the same as specified in the rewards for the Kickstarter (except the case is instead a transparent plastic version).

A note on the different versions available to purchase. 

If you want a COMPLETE ISS-Above device you MUST select either the ISS-Above Complete LedBorg ($120 USA or $135 Worldwide) or ISS-Above Complete Piglow ($130 usa or $145 worldwide).  If you choose the Ledborg this may take a while longer as these are ordered from the UK and shipped to the USA where I assemble them in to the shipping product.
note: pricing increased slightly to accommodate increased shipping costs for component parts.

The complete ISS-Above contain the Raspberry Pi, Display Device (Ledborg or PiGlow), SD Card, Power Supply and transparent case.   All you would need to add is an Ethernet cable to connect this in to your home router.

The ISS-Above SD Card is the code ONLY on an SD Card.  This version is for someone who ALREADY has a Raspberry Pi and one of the supported display devices.

Note:  We are using a Payment system designed for a digital download for convenience only.  Rest assured you are purchasing a Physical product that will be shipped to you towards the end of April/beginning of May 2014.

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