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Yes – THE @BadAstronomer (Phil Plait) has an ISS-Above

It’s only fitting.. as in a way Phil is responsible for me developing the ISS-Above.  You see – three years ago he posted a link to a project he heard about called ISS-Lamp (which actually became a Kickstarter called ISS-Notify).    



You will even see on that page a comment I MADE about the article.

I followed that link in June 2011 and became a backer of THAT project.   Three years later – and no sign of that device – so I decided to build my own version (of very different design and capabilities).

I remembered Phils interest in that project – and his comment about his (lack of) soldering skills (something we share in common).


So I sent Phil his ISS-Above earlier in the month – and he must have turned it on today.. as it has just started to send Tweets when the ISS passes by Boulder, CO.


How flipping nerdawesome is that?



On a Road Trip – to be a guest on @TWiT TV’s Coding 101 show this Friday at 2:30pm PT

Following the nice review/mention of ISS-Above by Leo Laporte (The Tech Guy) on his show on Sunday Feb 2nd I have been invited to be a guest on a special episode of the Coding 101 show.   I’ll be driving the 400+ miles from Pasadena to Petaluma, CA in the morning which is where the studios are located.

This will be a 30 minute show that is being “pre-taped” this Friday (14th March). The show is usually broadcast live each week on Thursday at 1:30pm PT but next weeks show (featuring ISS-Above) will actually be taped this Friday at around 2:30pm PT.

code1400_0The Coding 101 hosts, “Padre” (Fr. Robert Ballecer) and Shannon Morse, have featured projects with the Raspberry Pi platform before – so this is no stranger to the TWiT.TV studios. Padre will be grilling me on all aspects of the project and how I came to choose the Raspberry Pi platform and we’ll be going over the entire development process and launch through Kickstarter.

Even though we are just “taping” this show to be officially played out next week – you can actually “tune in” to the live “taping”. Just head to shortly before 2:30PM on Friday and you should see all the shenanigans.

After this show Padre has also invited me to be on a little 10 minute segment of the Know How show.

Can’t get me enough of TWiT.TV!