Liam_LR-64-sm ISS-Above is being developed by this guy over to the left.  That’s me… Liam Kennedy.   I’m someone who has no formal training in astronomy.  But that does not stop me from sharing my passion for spacey things with everyone I meet. ISS-Above is just one more expression of that.

Over the years I have been a Griffith Observatory Planetarium Lecturer, I was the president of the Orange County Astronomers (one of the largest clubs in the country), I have also been a NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador.  Back in 2003,2004 I produced a public access TV show in Orange County called Look Up Tonight  (24 episodes).

When I’m not spending time on spacey things – I run my own live event video production company called ImageBEAM. Occasionally I manage to connect the two passions together and I end up supporting events in the space field. That’s cool!

NOTE: This is a LEGACY site for ISS-Above from the very early days of the project. The most recent info is hosted over on our main site (where you can also purchase the ISS-Above device).

Since the first Kickstarter project in January 2014, we have now shipped approaching 5,000 devices worldwide. You can see many of those devices on this Google Map of ISS-Above locations worldwide.

This site is still used to allow the purchase of the download image for ISS-Above – useful if you already have a Raspberry Pi and just want to make THAT an ISS-Above.

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  1. I was thinking (I know it a strange activity) …Wouldn’t it would be very cool to have an iss Above on station in antarctica?
    I would happily pay for one to be built for them.
    Any interest in getting an ISS Above sent down there?

    Id be happy to help or as I said Pay for one. I was also thinking that it would be cool to build a special unit that could be set up on the ISS… sort of a REVERSE ISS ABOVE where when it fly’s over a ISS ABOVE station it auto messages a hello to that station using the amateur radio packet radio station…

    Doesn’t NASA like crazy out of the box cheap and off the shelf easy projects?
    this is one.

    Have a great weekend.
    73 de W6JHC

    1. If you ever get one up on the ISS l would be happy to help, I’m a Ham too !!! Call sign N0AZJ, Jim.
      I really like the RasPi set up with the issabove software, it sits next to me on the table and except for having to ‘dim’ the Blinkstick at night (I cover it with an old pill bottle to dim it !!) I have had no problems with it. I’m new to the Raspberry Pi but an old electronics hobbyest. Looking forward to learning some programing skills to add to my 30+ years of computer systems repair, now retired.
      Thanks for the upgraded software you sent when I ordered the SD Card, I see some of the buttons on the display now work, great idea !!.
      I’m thinking of adding a GPS board and a rechargable battery supply to make a portable unit that can update it’s location…. something to do on a rainy day !!
      Thanks for all the work you have put into this project, it’s lots of fun !!
      73’s !!!

    2. The ISS has an orbit inclination of less than 60 degrees. This means it passes neither over any part of the earth north of 60 degrees nor any part south of 60 degrees.
      I tried looking for it in the Baltics this past June but it was too far north.

      1. We have a couple of customers in Alaska and also in Sweden. Although the ISS will never pass directly overhead it is nevertheless occasionally visible. In both the locations in Alaska and Sweden it rises a maximum altitude of about 20-22 degrees.

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