ISS-Above HD+ Kickstarter Grace Period Purchase Option

Our recent Kickstarter successfully funded on March 22nd 2015 at 1pm PDT. While we are awaiting for the funds to transfer from Kickstarter (takes at least 14 days) we are accepting additional orders here. You will need to place your order soon as we will be planning for the manufacturing run at our supplier and will need all orders placed as soon as possible.

You can add your order using the links below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Think of this as a PRE-ORDER. You will be joining the other Kickstarter Backers and we will begin shipping the rewards in June / July 2015. If you want one of these new display options for the ISS-Above it is critical you pre-order as we may not have sufficient extra in-stock otherwise.

iss-above-HD-Plus-WEARABLE Wearable Kit
Our wearable kit as a base consists of the Pulsar + Plate + 8 LED Orb + USB BLE Adaptor + Conductive Thread + Needles + Patch + 5v Rech Battery + 6ft USB Cable.

Pre-Order your wearable kit here

iss-above-HD-Plus-Pulsar-LED-StripPulsar Light Strip
This kit (fully assembled) includes the Pulsar + Case + 144 LED strip + USB BLE Adaptor + 5V USB Power Supply

This is the easiest way to get a large LED strip – with the flexibility to mount it some distance from the ISS-Above device

Pre-Order your Pulsar Light Strip here

iss-above-HD-Plus-PiHat-LED-StripPiHat LED Strip
This kit includes the PiHat + 52 LED Strip.  Just plug this directly on to your Raspberry Pi / ISS-Above and is the least expensive way to add a large and very bright LED strip to your ISS-Above. Possibly visible for miles! (not really)

Pre-Order your PiHat LED Strip here

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