ISS-Above SD Card Image v1.04

ISS-Above-Logo-smThis is the download page for the  1.04 image for ISS-Above.

You will need a blank (or spare) 8GB. Of course you will also require a Raspberry Pi and a supported display device (PiGlow / Ledborg / Blickstick / Adafruit LCD  / PiFace Control & Display, Blink(1) etc)

When you download the file you will then unzip it and load it on to your SD card.   A few minutes of additional configuration and your ISS-Above will be running perfectly.

More information will be provided after you have completed the “purchase”.

Note:  If you have received a discount code you will enter that code on the “Checkout” page.
Note2: You will see two download links. Choose the download link that is “closest” to your location