ISS Above with LCD

What is it?

And – Why did I build it?

Anyone who knows me – knows that I enjoy sharing all things space related to anyone I meet.  This includes sharing with random strangers opportunities to see the International Space Station for themselves just by knowing when and where to look.

Almost three years ago I backed a Kickstarter project called ISS-Notity that promised to create a little box that’s sole purpose would be to sit on a desk and light up whenever the ISS was passing by.   I gave up waiting and decided to build my own.   It’s something that anyone will be able to build using off-the-shelf inexpensive ready-built components along with the ISS-Above software I am developing.

ISS Above with LCD

Holding one version of ISS-Above. This version uses the Adafruit 16×2 line LCD – pre-assembled by

It’s still in “beta test” phase right now although things are moving very quickly as I already have several units working really well. This web site will show my progress and will show you how you can build your own ISS Above too.

Please submit the form below if you would like to contact me and to be kept informed on progress. Thank You!

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