So you want to connect your ISS-Above to Wifi?

Yes – the ISS-Above can connect to your home WiFi network – here is how you can do that.

You have probably seen the two or four USB ports on the device near to the ethernet port.   You can purchase a pretty inexpensive WiFi “dongle” that can plug in to one of the USB ports.

BEWARE – not every WiFi Adaptor is compatible with the Raspberry Pi (the computer inside the ISS-Above).   If you google search “Wifi Adaptors compatible with Raspberry Pi” you will find some…. or you can just buy this one from Amazon.

Of course to make these settings for the WiFi adaptor you must FIRST connect your ISS-Above to your home router via a wired ethernet connection (which you have done already right?)

Access the wifi setup file via the ISS-Above’s in-built web admin system by clicking on:

http://issabove.local/wifi and log in with the default web username of admin and password nasa

(note: that issabove.local link only works on some networks – if that doesn’t work you will need to locate the actual IP address of your device.  As long as you have a recent version of ISS-Above this will be displayed on the lower left corner of your TV screen).

Just configure the ssid and pwd in the file shown and click Save Settings.

Now remove the Ethernet Cable.

reboot the device from this page


During boot up you should see the WiFi dongle’s activity light start blinking (rapidly) to indicate it has established a connection to your wifi.

Note the IP address will have changed when you switch to using the WiFi.   If for any reason the connection is not successful please re-connect the wired ethernet cable and check your settings again.


4 thoughts on “So you want to connect your ISS-Above to Wifi?

  1. Actually, with a Linux computer (and probably Mac), you can do the changes also directly on the computer:
    * Shut down your Pi
    * Remove the SD card & insert it into the Linux (Mac) computer
    * Depending on your system, mount the `Root’ partition of your SD card
    * Edit the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf as above.
    * Umount the SD card
    * Remove it from the computer & put it back into the Pi
    * Start the Pi and it should now connect to your wireless network.

    But overall, ssh’ing into the Pi is also useful to shut it down etc;-)

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