Viewing additional information from ISS-Above via your phone or iPad

So.. you all know the ISS-Above devices lights up and makes a general “kerfuffle” when the ISS passes overhead.   That’s all very nice of course.  But I just realized I want to allow someone who is nearby the device to interact with it in other ways… and to be able to see more information.   But… how to do that if the ISS-Above has not got a “regular” display attached?

Simple… I wrote some additional code that implements a WEB SERVER right on the device.

Now.. anyone who is nearby can just tap in a URL that will connect to the device – which will then respond with a web page with lots more information.

e.g. This is what I have currently working on the beta version of the device.


Next passes of the ISS from ISS-Above

Date Brightness Start Highest point End Closest Pass type
[Mag] Time Az. Time Alt. Time Az.
Nov 25 01:56:30 WNW 02:00:38 7 02:04:46 NNE 1721km night (shadow)
Nov 25 03:35:53 NNW 03:38:58 3 03:42:04 NE 2059km night (shadow)
Nov 25 -0.5 05:12:58 NNW 05:17:21 9 05:21:45 ENE 1601km night visible
Nov 25 06:49:11 NW 06:54:43 47 07:00:15 ESE 594km daylight
Nov 25 08:26:22 WNW 08:31:02 13 08:35:42 S 1344km daylight
Nov 25 21:53:33 S 21:57:58 10 22:02:23 ENE 1521km night (shadow)
Nov 25 23:28:38 SW 23:34:12 62 23:39:46 NE 513km night (shadow)
Nov 26 01:06:58 W 01:11:27 10 01:15:57 NNE 1519km night (shadow)
Nov 26 02:46:33 NW 02:49:43 3 02:52:53 NNE 2047km night (shadow)
Nov 26 0.7 04:24:08 NNW 04:28:02 6 04:31:56 ENE 1791km night visible

How neat is that!

I have MANY more ideas on what I can do with this little web server on the Pi.   Wait and see.  Let me know what you think in the comments.  THANKS!

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